Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bharatanatyam-An Overview

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I have a great passion for bharatanatyam, so does many people across the world.
And you know why?  Bharatanatyam is a dance that involves the mind & soul. It is known for its  tradition,grace,expression,devotional approach towards god,etc.A bharatanatyam dancer brings  his/her spiritual enlightenment. 

What is the meaning of bharatanatyam?  Let me abbreviate and it explains all.
BHAva(expression)  RAga (music)  TAla(rhythm) NATYAM(dance) BHARATANATYAM

Let me now elaborate about its origin. This dance form is the oldest and famous in South India. It is believed that there are sixteen forms of hospitality delivered in Tamil Nadu.BharataNatyam is one of these sixteen forms danced by the DEVADASIS (servant of God ) in temples. Chidambaram(Near Pondicherry) is one of the main temples containing the sculptures of dance. Thus, the intimacy over god is expressed through this art.

Lord Shiva (lord of distructor)is considered as the lord of dance, according to the Indian mythology. This  is danced  by Lord Shiva & his wife Goddess Parvathi. Tandava  is named for the  dance performd by Lord Shiva  which portrays  his emotions. Ananda Tandava is performed out of joy and Rudra Tandava is performed out of anger. There are 7 types of Tandava.They are, Ananda Tandava, Tripura Tandava, Sandhya Tandava, Samara Tandava, Kaali tandava, Uma Tandava and Gauri Tandava. Lasya is the dance performed by Goddess Parvathi.